Walk or Run off Holiday Pounds

Between the parties and large family meals most people, despite their best intentions, gain a few pounds over the holidays. You might have made a New Year’s resolution to lose those extra pounds. A combination of sensible diet and exercise is the best weight loss strategy to achieve your goal.

If you were at a good weight before the holidays, then a little discipline after the holidays can take the weight off fairly quickly. If the extra holiday pounds added to weight you already wanted to lose, then expect it to take longer to reach your goals. There is no magic weight loss technique that will melt away excess pounds with no effort. Permanent weight loss is difficult.

Research on Permanent Weight Loss

Research on people who lose weight and keep it off permanently shows that there are a few things they have in common. They eat breakfast; they permanently moderate their eating habits; and they exercise. Apply these principles to losing those extra holiday pounds. The best weight loss programs permanently combine sensible eating and exercise.

Sensible Eating

Those who keep off weight eat breakfast. Skipping breakfast or other meals to try to lose weight quickly does not work in the long term. People who try it become so hungry after skipping a meal that they gorge during the next meal. One large meal can easily total more calories than two moderate meals.

A good permanent way to control calories is simply to eat only when hungry. Learn to listen to your body. If you feel hungry, eat just enough. When the hungry feeling goes away, your body is telling you it has enough food. Stop eating. This intuitive diet, combined with exercise, will over time produce significant weight loss.


The research on people who lose significant weight and keep it off shows that they almost always exercise an average of about an hour a day. Walking is the most frequent exercise used for permanent weight loss. Running is also popular. Any vigorous aerobic exercise will work of done regularly.


To lose the extra holiday pounds, start moving. Walking is an excellent exercise for losing weight. If you already have a walking exercise program, keep it up. To lose the extra holiday pounds, increase the amount you walk a little.

If you do not already exercise, start a walking program. Buy a pedometer and work up to 10000 steps a day. Walking 10000 steps a day will improve your overall health while helping you lose excess weight.


men running

If you have not been active, don’t start with running. Start walking first and gradually build up to running. If you have been active and want to increase your activity level, it may be time to start a running program. Start slowly. On your walks start running for a short way. Then gradually increase the distance you run. Soon you will be able to run your entire route. Running and vigorous walking both burn about 100 calories per mile for a 150 pound person. Running however will cover the miles faster than walking, so running burns the calories in less time.

To lose those extra holiday pounds, eat sensibly and start walking or running.